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What Are the Lidex Cream Generic Name and Brand Name?

Have you ever heard about lidex cream? For you who don’t know yet about this cream have an opportunity to know more about this stuff through this article. Before we discuss about what is lidex cream in truth, recognize the lidex cream’s generic name and brand name is admissible. Lidex cream has the generic name as Fluocinonide, it is read Floo-Oh-Sin-Oh-Nide. Besides the generic name, lidex cream also has brand name. There are 2 examples of Fluocinonide’s brand name; they are Lidex itself and Lidex-E. And now, it is the time to know about what is the function of lidex cream for.

Function of Fluocinonide

Lidex cream or usually called as Fluocinonide has the special quality to solve the skin problems. Lidex cream itself is used to treat the inflammation is happened in skin areas and also salve the itchiness or irritation because of certain skin problems or condition. Yet, this lidex cream is not used only to treat both of those problems, if doctors find the other condition in the medical patients, they can suggest to use Fluocinonide. As the information, lidex cream or Fluocinonide is the topical adrenocortical steroid. What is that? That is a compound that has function to reduce the skin inflammation, such as irritation, swollen, itchiness, and florid. When you try to apply this lidex cream into your own skin problem, you will see that Fluocinonide is worked with the incomprehensible way. The one definite thing is, your skin problem is solved.

Before Apply the Fluocinonide

The one thing you know before apply this lidex cream is about your own medical condition. If you have the other medical conditions, don’t be hesitated to inform your doctor or pharmacist. The example of other medical condition is like have a plan for pregnant, pregnant itself, breastfeeding, consumption the other medicines, in diet program, and so forth.  Before you apply or use the lidex cream, make sure you are not in some allergies, such as foods allergies, medicine allergies, and the other substances allergies. For your information, some medicines may have an interaction with lidex cream itself, because this cream is absorbed into the blood. So, when you are in other medicines consumption, it is good if you want to discuss with doctor or hygienist before you decide to use this lidex cream. Make sure you use or apply the Fluocinonide with the exact dosage and certainly safe for your body.

 The Way to Use Fluocinonide

Actually, to use or apply this lidex cream, you may follow the instruction of the label of this cream. Yet, in order clearer, the information will be provided here. Spread enough lidex cream into the area that needs to treat. Make sure your hands are clean before applying this cream. It is better to not cover the wound, except it is suggested from your doctor. Know the dosage of lidex cream before apply is also important because you are suggested to not use the 2 dosage at the same time. Ask the information to the doctor, pharmacist, and other hygienist about the use of Fluocinonide is suggested to avoid mistakes.

Lidex Cream 60 mg

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