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Side Effects Of Lidex

Lidex – A Topical Adrenocortical Steroid

There are many treatments for skin allergies and irritation. At times you will find skin inflammation, redness and itchiness taking place. This may be due to a number of factors. This is why it is very important for you to consult a doctor and get the necessary medication to combat the issue.

One medication that is used for the purpose of skin inflammation and other associated symptoms is Lidex. This is a topical adrenocorticosteriod that reduces such symptoms in the skin. Doctors and pharmacists may prescribe this medication to both adults and children depending on the nature and the severity of the condition they are suffering.

With the right dosage you can effectively get rid of the problems that are bothering you. The dose should be taken as prescribed by the doctor and the duration should not be beyond the prescribed period. In case you suffer from side effects, you should consult the doctor and get the issue sorted out.

When to Stop Using Lidex

When you are applying Lidex, you may find burning, itching and dryness occurring when the medication is initially applied to the skin. These symptoms generally disappear in the first few days after the body gets used to the medication. In case, the current symptoms get worse, you should immediately notify your doctor or the pharmacist who had prescribed the medication to you.

When you are taking the medication, you should always remember that the doctor has prescribed this medication to you because the benefits of it are greater than the risks or the side effects. The best part of this medication is most people who are using it do not face serious side effects at all.

As mentioned above the serious side effects are unlikely to take place but in event of the following in the form of skin thinning, acne, stretch marks, skin discoloration and unwanted or extreme hair growth, you should immediately get in touch with your doctor and report the case.

If you have any kind of specific skin infection, this may become worse. Skin infections become worse when the medication is generally used. When there are cases of redness, irritation and swelling it is important for you to consult your doctor immediately.

There are low chances of this medicine getting absorbed into the blood stream. This can in turn lead to the side effects of having excessive corticosteroid in the body. The above side effects are likely to take place in kids and adults that are using the medication for an extensive duration of time. In case there is any kind of side effects, you should immediately tell your doctor. Other possible side effects of the medication can be problems with vision, urination, weight loss, swelling of feet or ankles, fatigue and urination issues.

There are no reported cases of serious allergies after the use of this drug. In case, you do face any kind of discomfort after the use of this medication, you should consult the doctor immediately. In this way you can avert any unpleasant symptoms that may come your way.

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