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Lidex Cream

What is Lidex Cream Used For

Lidex is a topical adrenocorticosteriod that reduces skin inflammation and other associated symptoms including redness and itching. At times you will find skin inflammation, redness and itchiness taking place in both children and adults for a number of reasons. The result is discomfort and irritation. This is why it is very important for you to consult a doctor to get instant relief along with the necessary medication to combat the issue. Doctors and pharmacists may prescribe this valuable medication in the form of a cream to both adults and children depending on the nature and the severity of the condition suffered.

What Does Lidex Cream Treat

When it comes to skin inflammation, you may not be sure on the required dosage you need to take for the condition. Here, you cannot be your own physician and decide for yourself. The dose should be taken as prescribed by the doctor and the duration of the medication should not be beyond the prescribed period. In case you suffer from allergies, you should consult the doctor before you begin taking the medicine.

Lidex Cream Strength

  1. Lidex Cream/Gel/Ointment, 0.05%
  2. Lidex-E Cream, 0.05%

Lidex Cream Side Effects

When you are using Lidex cream for the first time, there may be cases of itching, burning and dryness. This is generally when the medication is applied to the skin area. If you experience this predicament, you should not be scared as the symptoms generally disappear in the first few days after the body gets used to the medication. In case, the current symptoms get worse, you should immediately notify your doctor or the pharmacist who had prescribed the medication to you.

If you have any kind of specific skin infection, this may become worse when you are using the cream. Here, you should not be scared and afraid about as this is accepted and normal. It will take time for the cream to start action and you cannot expect overnight results. Skin infections become worse when the medication is generally used in most people. This is the reason why you should not panic when you have started to use the cream for the first time. When there are cases of redness, irritation and swelling it is important for you to consult a doctor and report the case immediately.

There are low chances of this medicine getting absorbed into the blood stream of your body. The prolonged use of the cream can in turn lead to the side effects of having excessive corticosteroid in the body. This is one thing that you have to take care of when you are using the medicine. You must ensure that you do not excessively use the medicine other than prescribed. In case you miss a dose, this does not mean that you end up taking extra. You should wait for the next dose to be taken.

Side effects are likely to take place in kids and adults that are using the medication for an extensive duration of time. Therefore be sure when you are using the product. In case there is any kind of persistent side effects, you should immediately tell your doctor and stop the application of the cream if needed.

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