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Lidex Cream Over the Counter

Who doesn’t know about lidex cream, this is the high-quality medicine that is well known can treat the itchiness, irritation, and inflammation, or even the other skin problems. Lidex cream itself is the market name of fluocinonide. Doctors will suggest using or applying this lidex cream into the skin problem area to reduce the pain feeling that is very disturbing. In this ocassion, you are invited to see whether the lidex cream is the sort of medicine that has to buy with the doctor’s prescription or not.

In United State, the professional paramedic gets the medical from pharmacy companies or pharmacies (that buy the medical from pharmacy companies). Pharmacy also can provide medicines directly to the patients if that medicine can be used safely or according to the prescription from the doctor. Most medicines have the high cost or expensive when those are marketed for the first time. Yet, health insurance can be used to help out the patient to buy the medicine. Generic medicine is made and going about by the competitor company that causes the medicine has cheap cost. The medicine without prescription but from the professional paramedic is usually called as the OTC or over the counter medicine, in the other word; it is sold in the shop or store.

Is Lidex Cream Over The Counter Medicine?

According to the understanding of OTC or over the counter, lidex cream is not the OTC medicine. Why? It is because this medicine can be bought only by the prescription from the doctor. Without the prescription, patient cannot buy Lidex cream in stores. Prescription can be used only in pharmacy that is trusted by hospital or doctor, therefore the lidex cream is not counted as the over the country medicine. Patient who need lidex cream has to be checked by doctor before use this medicine for the first time. Because of the lidex cream’s dosage is higher than other similar medicines; hence this medicine needs control for its distribution and sale.

Lidex Cream Can’t be the OTC Medicine

In the previous discussion has been explained that lidex cream has high dosage in its use, therefore the prescription from the doctor is needed to control the application. However, the reason of why this medicine is not famous as the over the counter medicine not only because of its dosage. For the first time, doctor will see and check your skin condition, whether it is serious or not. Besides, doctor will ask to the patient whether there is the medicine allergy or not. If doctor has checked the patient condition, the prescription of lidex cream will be given to the patient with some certainty and information about its using. Imagine if the lidex cream becomes over the counter medicine, the patient with symptoms, such as itchiness, irritation, and inflammation can use or apply this medicine as they want with the high risk. It is the reason why lidex cream is different with other similar medicines that can be bought in store, because the lidex cream employing should be appropriate with the suggestion form doctor or the professional paramedics.

How much does lidex cream cost?

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