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Lidex Cream For Shingles

Lidex Used On Serious Case Of Shingles

Shingles might be a common disease, yet it still causes quite some pain on patient. This skin disease is caused by viral infection. The only explanation for this viral infection would be virus from chickenpox that still lives inside the body. Although you suffered from chickenpox for short period in your childhood, it’s likely that the virus didn’t get eliminated from your body. Instead, it’s on dormant condition and survive inside your body. Years later after you had your chickenpox episode, the virus strikes back and gives you shingles. This viral infection disease is mostly recognized from the long painful rash located on right or left side of your torso. It’s often recognized as blister on the side of the body. Shingles rash can also occur on the neck, shoulder, or other parts of the body. It might be only small stripe of rash, but shingles can be truly painful for patient. Usually, the rash will heal within 2-4 weeks. However, certain condition of shingles may require longer period of time to heal that also requires proper medication to lessen the pain.

As the rash on shingles is usually considered as minor problem, usually doctor will only prescribe calamine lotion to lessen the pain on the rash. However, it’s possible that the rash has come to acute condition that calamine lotion can no longer help. For this condition, corticosteroid can be prescribed to help healing the painful rash. However, it requires strict observation from the doctor. Corticosteroid is considered as strong medication that can cause serious side effects. Therefore, the use of lidex cream for shingles has to be in strict observation. Lidex is one of corticosteroid that’s commonly prescribed for rash and skin allergy. This topical cream can help to heal rash, redness, flaking, itching, or even dryness that make early symptoms for skin allergy and inflammation. Lidex may only contain the smallest dosage allows for fluocinonide, but it’s still very powerful that it can cause serious side effects from blurry vision, burning and stinging sensation, and such. Preventing any possible bad event caused by this topical cream, you had better to listen to what your doctor explained. Moreover, lidex is not originally meant for shingles. There are still debates on the use of lidex to heal rash on shingles.

The best way would be to apply lidex according to what the doctor has told you. Only use small amount of lidex and carefully rub it on the rash. Make sure that you only rub thin film of lidex on your rash. Leave this topical cream dry naturally. You don’t need to put bandage or covering the rash as it may make your rash get worse. Cleanliness is an important factor in using lidex for your shingles rash. Always wash and wipe your hands and rash before and after applying this topical cream. Consult with your doctor if you don’t find any progress on your rash. After all, using lidex on shingles rash is only allowed on serious case. Therefore, always make sure that your doctor is informed on your condition to prevent the worst case.

Lidex Cream For Rash

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