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Lidex Cream For Scalp

Instruction In Lidex Cream For Scalp

Swelling, redness, and itchy on your scalp can give you quite a headache. You certainly want to be free from those uncomfortable feelings. Scalp can be caused by various things. The most common cause is proriosis. Although it’s not a dangerous disease, but living in such condition with all those inconveniences won’t do any good in your life. Afterall, you can’t go out while keep scratching your itchy scalp all the time. The solution is easy, as you just need to go see your doctor in order to get prescribed with the right medicine. You might think it’s a small problem that you can fix anytime. However, your scalp problem may require thorough medical examination in order to find the best medicine. Otherwise, it won’t heal completely and the same problem will come back in the future.

How to Apply Lidex Cream for Scalp

One of the medicines commonly used in treatment for scalp is lidex. This topical cream is classified as steroid cream, therefore it has quite strong effect to the body. Doctors will be extra careful in prescribing lidex as it can cause serious side effects. Of course, nobody wants to suffer from the side effects caused by careless usage of the medicine. Using lidex cream for scalp requires extra careful as it has to be applied accordingly to doctor’s instruction. Basically, it’s the same instructions as in using lidex for skin inflammation or allergy. You just need to use small amount of this topical cream on your scalp. Lidex, although only contains the smallest dosage of fluocinonide, is still powerful to deal with those skin problems. As you will have to deal with your hair when applying this topical cream for your scalp, you need to be more careful in treating your scalp. First, you need to part your hair to help you in applying the cream. Take only small amount of lidex and gently apply it on your scalp. Carefully rub this cream unto your scalp untill it’s fully absorbed into your skin. Let it dry naturally before touch it or even wash it. However, you don’t need to protect it with bandage or any covering. Just leave it dry naturally. Repeat it twice to four times a day following your doctor’s instruction.

Precautions While Using Lidex

Using lidex for your skin problem has its own risks. Before applying this topical cream regularly on your skin, you’d better learn the risks that you must take. If it’s misused, lidex can cause side effects such as blurry sight, burning and stinging sensation. Lidex absorbed through the skin can increase glucose level. Therefore, you need to pay more attention on the amount of lidex that you apply on your skin. The usage of lidex on children also requires serious attention. Nursing mother also has to pay more attention if prescribed on this topical cream as it can affect the baby. Usually, lidex only takes 2 weeks to show improvements. So, you may need to contact your doctor if you don’t find any improvement on your scalp after using lidex for two weeks.

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