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Lidex Cream For Scabies

How to Use Lidex to Treat Scabies

Scabies is an irritating skin problem. Scabies occurs when itch mite of the Sarcoptes scabiei species infests your skin. This mite may infest any parts of your body; however, the parts that they prefer the most are parts where folds exist, such as elbows, knees, between the fingers, buttock, and penis. When the female mites burrow your skin and leave their eggs and waste there, their presence will trigger allergic reactions that lead to severe itch. Scabies is highly contagious and it may be transmitted to other people through direct skin contact. There are many products that can be used to treat scabies. Some people who suffer it prefer to use lidex cream for scabies. Fluocinonide, a powerful corticosteroid used in lidex, is indeed a powerful medication to treat irritating skin disorders like scabies. You can use it, but you have to make sure that you use it cautiously.

What Should You Do before Using LIdex to Treat Scabies?

Before you treat your scabies using lidex, you have to make sure that the scabies you suffer is treatable using lidex and that the application of lidex to your skin will not cause other unnecessary problems. As said above, scabies causes severe itch. If you want to use lidex to treat your scabies, don’t ever try to scratch the itchy skin because doing so may aggravate your skin and cause infection to occur on the affected skin. If infection occurs, you should avoid using lidex to treat your infected scabies because fluocinonide may exacerbate the infection. You also have to make sure that you have cleaned the affected skin before applying the cream. If infection has occurred, you should consult your doctor to find out whether it is still possible for you to use lidex. If it is impossible, you may want your doctor to prescribe another powerful remedy to treat your skin disease.

How to Use Lidex to Treat Scabies

If your doctor prescribes lidex to you, she will mostly tell you about how to apply it to your affected skin.

  • Generally, a small amount of lidex is administered to the skin 2 to 4 times every day.
  • This is the general rule that your doctor will mostly tell you about when you use lidex. 
  • Keep using lidex until your scabies disappears.
  • However, don’t ever stop using the cream unless your doctor has told you to do so. Therefore, when the scabies disappears, consult your doctor to find out whether it is okay for you to stop using lidex.

Lidex Side Effects

There are some unwanted side effects that may occur when you use lidex. Dryness or itching is the most common side effect that usually occur upon the administering of lidex. After applying lidex to your skin, it may become dry, flake or peel. After a while it will become itchy. As long as you can bear it, don’t try to scratch your skin. If the itch becomes unbearable, consult your doctor immediately. You should also consult your doctor if other possible side effects, such as burning, stinging, acne, and skin discoloration, become severe, chronic and unbearable.

Lidex Scalp Solution

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