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Lidex Cream For Rosacea

Rosacea And Lidex Cream

For ages, rosacea has already been known as skin disease that’s usually found among northwestern Europe people. This disease is given nickname as ‘curse of the Celts’ because of that. It’s mostly attacked facial skin. Although rosacea has been known for ages, unfortunately there’s no cure for this disease. Indeed, medical treatment can help to control it, but it doesn’t completely remove the symptoms of this disease. Rosacea starts with very common symptoms, just like any other skin inflammation. The only difference is on where it happens. Rosacea always happens on the face. It can attack people of both gender at any age. However, research has shown that this skin disease has bigger risk on attacking women. Although it can attack young adult and even children, but rosacea is mostly found on people around 30-60 years old. Without the possibility to fully heal from rosacea, the only chance would be taking routine treatment that can put this disease under control.

Rosacea is not a deadly disease, but it’s indeed caused inconveniences. Well, who would want to live the rest of their life with ugly pimples growing on their face? Rosacea is usually taken lightly as in early stage this skin disease doesn’t cause any serious inconvenience. Usually, rosacea starts with redness that begins on the central facial area around the cheek with scalping around the redness. It’s also common to have burning and stinging sensation or even red domed papules. It’s not rare that small blood vessels sticks out untill it’s visible on later stage. These symptoms appear periodically. It’s usual that these symptoms come and go. As this skin disease starts with redness and tiny pimples, people often mistake it as adult acne or sunburn. This often misleads people from getting the best treatment for this disease, while early treatment can slow down the process and control rosacea from growing to the next stage. Even though rosacea starts with redness, it’s not recommended to use lidex cream for rosacea. The only reason would be the topical cream is not suitable for this skin disease.

Before applying lidex on your face, you’d better learn what this cream is meant for. First, lidex is one of fluocinonide. This medicine is used to heal skin allergy and inflammation that are commonly started with redness, dryness, flaking, and itching. These are only some of the most common symptoms for skin allergy and inflammation. Both skin allergy and rosacea might be started with redness, however it’s certainly different. The most important thing about lidex is that this topical cream is strictly forbidden to be applied on the face. Lidex is a type of steroid that has strong effect on your skin. It’s not meant to be use on facial skin, underarm, and genital area. As rosacea is usually located on facial area, it can be conflicted with the strict regulations when using lidex. Going to see your doctor will give you the best medicine that can help to control rosacea and it’s surely much safer for your health too.

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