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Lidex Cream For Poison Ivy

Get Your Skin Recovered By Lidex Cream

Poison ivy is a plant that cause itching on the skin if it rub against each other.If you got itch on your skin because of poison ivy,you are able to treat it into recovered if the effect is not too bad. Simply,you may use lidex cream for poison ivy by apply it thinly on your skin.

Signs to know when you get poison ivy :

  1. You get hard in breathing and swallowing
  2. Many areas of your body are covered by rash
  3. There are blisters and rashs on your body
  4. In extreme case,if you got your eyelids swollen
  5. The rash keeps appearing to the face and the genitals
  6. A horrible itching on your skin and there is no sign to get recovered

How to Apply Lidex Cream, Gel, Ointment or Solution on Poison Ivy Rash

  • Lidex cream for poison ivy should not be used for groin,face and underarms underless it is recommended by doctor,due to normally this medication is addressed for skin only.
  • First thing you need to do is cleaning and drying those affected area thoroughly.
  • Apply cream slightly on your skin once in a day for treating poison ivy.
  • After applying it on,those affected area should not be wrapped,covered unless get the recommendation from doctor.
  • For the baby,please do not use tight diapers when it’s on diapers area.
  • After apply the medication,you need to wash your hand thoroughly,unless your affected areas in hands.
  • For the eyes’s affected area,you should not take this medication since it may be caused glaucoma.
  • Beside that,if any by chance,you got the medication into your mouth and nose,please wash it away by taking water as much as you can.
  • To prevent over worse irritation on your skin,avoid to use lidex cream for two weeks in one row of longer,also you should not take this medication 60 grams or more in a week unless your doctor guides you to do that. In case you got it worse or there is no recovery in two weeks,please have a consultation with doctor.

The conditions where you should avoid lidex cream for poison ivy if there are some points below on you :

  1. You are in pregnancy or having plan to get pregnant,and are breasfeeding,
  2. You are consuming any prescription or non-prescription medicine,herbal preparation also if you are on diet program,
  3. You are having alergies into foods,medicine,and other subtances,
  4. You are having any skin infection,scrapes,cuts,or bad blood circulation into your skin,
  5. You got any vaccination recently like chickenpox,tuberculosis,shingles,measles,or test of positive tuberculosis,
  6. You are consuming prednison or another similar medicine.

How to prevent your skin from irritation caused poison ivy :

  1. Take a product of skin-care that used to called as barrier of ivy block

The contents of this product helps preventing you from the absorbing oil which is causing the rash.One of those contents is bentoquatam.For buying it,you don’t need the prescription from doctor.Please apply it before you have activities outside of your house.

  1. When you are going to go to place which have wild plants around,please wear long sleeves,long pants,gloves,boots.Even if you have applied barrier of ivy block on your skin,be sure that you also wear a fully-cover cloth.

Tips above hopefully would helps readers to get solutions for your itching caused poison ivy.Just saying,better to prevent your own self from any harm that be cause your around,even if there is always medication to treat it recovered.

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