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Lidex Cream For Eczema

Treat Eczema With Lidex Cream

Eczema is a horrible inflammation that causing the formation of blisters or vesicle (small bubles) on the skin until explode out and discharge. There are many solutions to treat this skin diseases. One of those is lidex cream for eczema. This cream works well for eczema as the recommendation of doctor to treat all inflammation on skin. Lidex cream itself is a steroid of  topical adrenocortical which is working for reducing several skin inflammations such itching,redness,swelling,and irritation.Explanation about how to work of lidex cream on those inflammations mentioned earlier still be such a mystery,since it’s not understood clearly.

How to Apply Lidex

Lidex cream should not be used for groin,face and underarms underless it is recommended by doctor,due to normally this medication is addressed for skin only. For using lidex cream for eczema of skin also have to follow the procedures for having good result.

  • First thing you need to do is cleaning and drying those affected area thoroughly.
  • Apply cream slightly on your skin once in a day for treating eczema. After applying it on,those affected area should not be wrapped,covered unless get the recommendation from doctor.
  • For the baby,please do not use tight diapers when it’s on diapers area.
  • After apply the medication,you need to wash your hand thoroughly,unless your affected areas in hands.
  • For the eyes’s affected area,you should not take this medication since it may be caused glaucoma. Beside that,if any by chance,you got the medication into your mouth and nose,please wash it away by taking water as much as you can.
  • To prevent over worse irritation on your skin,avoid to use lidex cream for two weeks in one row of longer,also you should not take this medication 60 grams or more in a week unless your doctor guides you to do that. In case you got it worse or there is no recovery in two weeks,please have a consultation with doctor.

Stop to use lidex cream when it put worse irritations on your skin,here’s some signs :

  1. If you see halos around the lights or if your vision is getting blurred
  2. The changes of mood
  3. Insomnia or get hard to sleep
  4. There is significant gaining of weight or your face get puffy
  5. Get exhausted easily,muscle weakness

Or some worse signs on you :

  1. Get burning,dryness,peeling,itching on your mild skin
  2. Get headaches
  3. Sore throat,or stuffy nose
  4. Softening and thinning  of the skin
  5. There are changes on your affected area of skin
  6. Strecth marks

Lidex cream for eczema will cause damage on you if you are in a condition where you are not allowed to have it. Please do a consultation with pharmacist or doctor before buying this cream. The conditions where you should avoid lidex cream if there are some points below on you :

  1. You are in pregnancy or having plan to get pregnant,and are breasfeeding
  2. You are consuming any prescription or non-prescription medicine,herbal preparation also if you are on diet program
  3. You are having alergies into foods,medicine,and other subtances
  4. You are having any skin infection,scrapes,cuts,or bad blood circulation into your skin
  5. You got any vaccination recently like chickenpox,tuberculosis,shingles,measles,or test of positive tuberculosis
  6. You are consuming prednison or another similar medicine

Lidex Generic

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