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Lidex Cream 0.05

Lidex Cream 0.05; The Smallest Dosage With Powerful Effect

Although lidex is considered as the best medication for skin allergy and inflammation, this medication still has some serious side effects that often appear on patient. It’s understandable as lidex is formulated from fluocinonide. It’s a type of steroid that has strong effect on skin.

Lidex Cream 0.05 Uses

Skin allergy and inflammation only show small and harmless symptoms, such as dryness, redness, itchiness, rash, or flaking. These symptoms only cause discomfort and have less harmful effect to the health. However, it’s certainly not helping to leave the inflammation untouched with medication. It will only give you constant inconveniences in your life. Then, just contact your dermatologist to get the best medication that suits to your skin condition. Usually, lidex is prescribed for those skin conditions. This cream has proven to have strong effect on skin allergy and inflammation.

Lidex might be considered as the best medication for skin allergy and inflammation, but it doesn’t mean that this cream is fully safe for your skin condition. There are proofs of side effects caused by lidex. Therefore, you need to be careful in using this medication. If you aren’t prescribed for this cream, it’s best not to use lidex carelessly. You always need to follow what your doctor has prescribed for you. When lidex is used for skin allergy and inflammation, it’s usually on the smallest dosage. Lidex cream 0.05 is considered as the safest dosage of the medicine. It might be the best medicine for skin allergy and inflammation, but the side effects still become strong consideration for doctors to only prescribe the smallest dosage. After all, the smallest dosage is enough to cure skin allergy and inflammation. Even if you are prescribed for this cream, your doctor will only ask you to apply very small portion of the cream. At least, apply the cream twice a day. Rub it directly unto the affected area and let it fully absorbed into your skin. Then, just leave your skin without covering it with any bandage.

Lidex Cream Side Effects

The 0.05 dosage is the smallest dosage recommended for skin allergy and inflammation. It’s small but powerful to cure symptoms of skin allergy and inflammation. It only requires you to follow doctor’s instruction to fully free from allergy and inflammation. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that lidex 0.05 can still cause side effects. Remember, lidex is still made from strong steroid. This formula can cause serious side effects. Always contact your doctor if you still suffer from rash, dryness or swollen skin after applying lidex unto the affected area. For those who have allergy on lidex, applying this cream can make the symptoms get worse. So, always inform your doctor if you know you have allergy on lidex, fluocinonide, or steroid. Lidex isn’t recommended for baby and children, unless it’s prescribed by doctor. Always keep in mind that lidex isn’t supposed to be used on facial area, underarm and genital area. If you have to apply lidex for rash on diaper area, you need to losen up the diaper to prevent side effect on your baby.

Lidex Cream 0.05 Cost

  • 25 grams $47.95 ,
  • 50 g $49.30
  • 100 g $73.00
  • 400 g $282.09

These prices can change. These are estimated an average Lidex Cream 0.05 prices.

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