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Lidex Alternatives

Fluocinonide Cream Alternatives

Lidex is well-known as the medicines or cream that can treat the inflammation because of irritation and itchiness. This lidex cream is usually become a prescription as the cream with high quality. No wonder that doctors suggest this cream for the skin problem sufferers. Lidex cream or usually called as Fluocinonide is categorized as the topical corticosteroid topical and it is marketable with name Lidex or Lidex-E. The skin condition that produces itch in serious condition, florid, and dry are the indication of lidex cream’s using. Yet, Fluocinonide is the contradiction for the sufferers who have allergy or sensitivity of lidex itself. You don’t have to worry if lidex is not suitable with your skin; there are some lidex alternatives that can control your itch feeling or certain skin problems.

Lidex Alternatives: Betamethasone Dipropionate

Betamethasone Dipropionate is trusted and suggested as the alternative of lidex cream itself. This medicine is the derivative of prednisolon and it is marketable with brand name diprosone, diprolene, or synalar-dp. If you go the pharmacy, you can call Betamethasone Dipropionate as those three other brand names of this product. For your information, Betamethasone Dipropionate is corticosteroid that can give the help to reduce the itchiness and dry. Therefore, this product is the alternative of lidex cream because the function is similar. Betamethasone Dipropionate are sold in various type, such as cream, ointment, and also lotion.

Lidex Alternatives: Hydrocortisone Cream

Most of you are ever heard or even used this cream. Hydrocortisone cream has been well-known as the cream to reduce itchiness or treat the allergies. And now, hydrocortisone is the one alternative to change the lidex cream. As the information, hydrocortisone cream is sold as the over the counter medicine for itchiness and irritation. For topical application, this cream is trusted as a light cream. Hydrocortisone cream is famous as the cheapest cream for itchiness and allergies. Although it is not expensive, its quality is not questionable anymore because most people have trusted use this cream. For you who have the skin problems, such as itchiness, irritation, inflammation, and more, hydrocortisone cream can be the medicine alternative. You don’t need the doctor’s prescription to buy this cream because it is sold in each pharmacy.

Lidex Alternatives: Amcinonide Cream

The third lidex alternative that is trusted as the medicine to treat itchiness, irritation, inflammation, and so forth. Recognize amcinonide cream, this cream is marketed with the brand name cyclocort. Similar with other cream, amcinonide is the topical corticosteroid that can be worked similar like fluocinonide cream or lidex cream. When you find out amcinonide cream in pharmacy, you will be given two kinds of amcinonide, first in cream form and ointment form. As we know, some people that have skin problem may irritated by lidex cream. Therefore, amcinonide cream comes as the alternative that works like lidex cream. Yet, it is important to know before you move to amcinonide cream after you get the serious condition in use of lidex cream, which is consulting to the doctors about your own condition, when you move to use amcinonide cream, whether it is better or not.

What Are the Lidex Cream Generic Name and Brand Name?

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