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Can You Buy Lidex Cream at Walmart, Walgreen, CVS, Rite Aid?

Lidex cream is a powerful topical medication for treating various skin problems. Made from very powerful and super-high-potency corticosteroid called fluocinonide, this cream is considered a reliable remedy for such skin diseases as eczema, rash, allergies, psoriasis, and dermatitis. As a powerful corticosteroid, fluocinonide must be used with caution. This is the reason why any products that use it, including lidex cream, are available only with prescription. The question is “Can you buy lidex cream at Walmart, Walgreen, CVS, rite aid?” Although lidex cream is a prescription medication that should be used according to your doctor’s professional direction, you can also find it as over-the-counter medication, provided that you have the necessary prescription to buy it.

How to Buy Lidex Cream from Online Retail Chain Store?

There are a number of retail chain stores that sell pharmaceutical products. If you want to buy lidex cream from Walmart, for instance, you can visit its Pharmacy, Health and Beauty Department. You can also shop for the cream from the store’s website.

How to buy lidex cream from an online store? Take the two easy steps below if you want to buy it online.

  1. Get a prescription.

You cannot get the Lidex cream before you get a prescription. When you visit the store’s website, a “buy” button is nowhere to be found. There is only a button that allows you to transfer your prescription or to refill it. Therefore, getting a prescription should be the first step that you should take if you want to buy the cream.

Why should you get a prescription? When you try to get it, you have to consult a doctor. The most important thing about this cream is not how to buy it, but how to use it. Only your doctor can tell you about the right way to use the cream. Your doctor will also tell you about possible side effects that may occur after you use the cream. She will also tell you about what you should do when those side effects really occur. Your doctor will check your condition and decide whether or not the cream is suitable for you. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or suffering eczema at parts of the body that are not normally treatable using lidex cream, such as face, underarm, and groin, your doctor will tell you about whether the medication is good for you and how to use it when your health condition is taken into consideration.

  1. Visit the store and submit your prescription.

After you get the prescription, you can visit the store’s website to submit your prescription. You can finalize your deal after the store receives your prescription and you get the product you have requested.


It is always possible for you to buy prescription medications from online retail store, especially if online shopping has become your habit. This rule also applies when you want to buy lidex cream. However, considering the nature of the cream and the possible side effects that it may cause, you should consult your doctor before buying the cream.

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