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Can Lidex be Used in the Mouth?

Lidex Cream Oral

Skin allergy or inflammation is often considered as minor problem, although these diseases cause serious inconveniences to the patient. The dryness and rash are probably minor problems for patient, but skin inflammation also comes along with itching and mild burning sensation. These are the main causes of inconveniences that people feel when suffering from skin inflammation.

Doing nothing to soothe the itchy sensation can cause more serious problem as patient can unintentionally scratch the inflammed area and it can cause scaring. Before something serious happened, it’s best to see the doctor and get the best medication to cure the inflammation. Skin allergy and inflammation aren’t serious problem, so it should be easy to be cured only in a couple of weeks. Of course, it requires medication that’s most suitable for patient’s condition.

Applying topical cream is the most common method of medication for skin allergy and inflammation. Thin film of fluocinonide is enough to cure skin allergy and inflammation. Lidex as one of topical cream that uses fluocinonid on its formula is often used for skin allergy and inflammation. Basically, lidex is topical steroid cream. It’s only used by applying thise cream unto affected area. Therefore, you won’t find lidex cream oral that you can use for the same purpose. If you get prescribed on lidex, you will get detailed explanation on how to use this cream on your skin allergy. It’s required as lidex is considered as strong steroid that can cause serious side effects to your skin. If you don’t follow what your doctor explained, you might still suffer from the same things, such as dryness, rash, swollen, and even burning sensation that goes around the infected area. Lidex can even cause allergy on certain people. Even though you are prescribed for lidex by your doctor, it’s best to always consult if you find any side effects or unusual sensations that you feel from applying lidex unto your skin.

It’s best to always follow what your doctor has told you. You need to apply lidex cream unto the affected area regularly. If your doctor told you to apply it twice a day, then do so. If you miss one of the schedules to apply this cream, then just take on to the schedule. Don’t apply lidex cream twice of the prescribed dosage as it won’t bring any goodness to your skin allergy. Lidex cream is only required as thin film applied unto the area where you have your skin allergy or inflammation. Carefully apply this cream unto your skin and then rub it untill all completely absorbed. After applying lidex unto the affected area, don’t cover it with anything. You just need to leave it uncovered to heal faster. Always remember to keep your hands clean before and after applying lidex. Applying fluocinonide, the main formula contained in lidex, requires serious cautious as it should not be applied on face, underarms, and genitals area. Consulting to your doctor regarding the use of lidex is considered as the best way to keep you safe from the side effects.

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